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When you’re faced with creating or updating your website, there’s a lot to consider – look and feel, features, functionality, accessibility, budget – the list goes on and it can be overwhelming.

One of the most important decisions is who to employ to do the work for you. Then there are things like reliable web hosting, choosing a content management system, having great search engine optimisation (to make sure people actually get to see your site), mobile-friendliness, fast load times and a lot more.

You’ll get the best possible result if you find an agency or studio that has all the right people with all the right skills under one roof – experienced people who can work together as a team to understand your requirements and bring your project to fruition. And most importantly, ensure that your brand and messaging is consistent across all communication channels.


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First of all, understand the time and energy that will go into developing your website. Make sure you have appropriate resources – time, internal team and budget – that will allow you to do the job well.


Are you selling a product/s? Are you showcasing your work? Is your website a form of brand awareness? Your website brief should outline exactly what you want to achieve from the project. It’s important to provide as much detail as possible about your business, your service or product, and your future plans. Here are a few examples of what you might include.
• Are you planning to sell your range online through an online store? How many products/ranges do you have? Do you need to include shipping costs, sales or discounts?
• Will you be selling any digital products as downloads?
• Do you have any existing data that needs to be imported or migrated from another source?
• Are you selling any ticketing to events?
• Do you need a ‘members only’ section with separate information?

It’s also good to have in mind where your business might be going in the future, and to build contingencies into the website. For example, will you require more complex e-commerce options? Will traffic to your site increase significantly as you grow your business? Will you need to integrate your website with third party applications like a CRM, inventory or database manager?


It’s important from the start to determine what sets you apart from your competitors and how you can exceed your customers’ expectations. In other words, your website needs to highlight your point of difference and engage your target audiences. Ask yourself the following questions.
• Who will be using your website?
• What will they be looking for on your site?
• What are your competitors offering through their websites?
• What do they do well online?
• What do they do that you can improve on in your website?



Your brand should make it clear to a customer that they’ll benefit from dealing with your business rather than that of a competitor. So your website should act as an extension of your core brand messaging as well as the look and feel. Your branding should be kept uniform across all platforms including your website and your social media. Colours, fonts, language and image style should all be consistent.



A solid SEO plan is key to the design and development of any website. The studio will work with you to target your customers as accurately as possible through a Google Ads campaign and include the most relevant content on your site. The more specific the content is, the more specifically they can target your customers.



The tone and style of language use throughout your website (friendly, professional, informative, chatty, instructive) is also important and should be treated as a key part of your brand and your website, to ensure that connections are maintained and strengthened.



You’ll be able to gauge your return on investment by ensuring that your website contains an appropriate analytics platform (such as Google Analytics). Analytics can record every action that a user performs on your site – which pages they visit and how long they spend there. This gives you a great opportunity to identify specific issues and make improvements.


You’ll also want to make sure that you can access expert ongoing customer support after your site is launched. Your plug-ins will need to be continually monitored and updated. Virus protection is essential and again needs regular updating to avoid the latest bugs. And ongoing SEO services will keep your website near the top of the list for search engines. Most studios offer ongoing website maintenance packages to clients and it would be worth checking out how other clients feel about the service they receive.



It’s a shame to spend a lot of time and money on a website that nobody knows exists. We can assist you in developing a plan to promote your website through your online and social media channels. Ensure your web address is on all your company emails and promote it through advertising.



At Watts Design, we have the digital know-how to bring your story to life through a strong website and an engaging online presence. You won’t find any templates in our toolkit. And we don’t solely focus on the visual. Everything is strategically considered from concept to launch.

Using the latest technology and newest knowledge in the field, we ensure your website’s back-end construction and user experience match your compelling visual identity. From fine-tuning navigation to considering device-responsive techniques, we ensure your website’s UX (user experience design) is relevant to your brand and will keep your customer there.

Each website that we design and build for a client is bespoke and customised to suit the needs of both yourself and your customers. We work closely with you to determine any requirements for your website and ensure that you’ll get the results you want.



Engaging an experienced and effective social media marketing professional will allow you to grow brand awareness, build relationships and increase traffic. It makes good business sense. We have the digital know-how to bring your story to life through an engaging online presence.


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