Barry Plant

How do you rebrand one of Australia’s largest real estate brands? By opening doors to a world of possibility and opportunity.

What we did

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strapline & Story
  • Branding Identity
  • Campaign Language
  • Packaging
  • Photography

Since 1979, Barry Plant has been dedicated to empowering communities and transforming lives by helping people find their perfect homes. They are more than just property buyers and sellers; they are dream enablers and catalysts of positive change.

Our challenge was to bring authenticity to their approach both strategically and visually.


The use of the bold ‘cobalt and ‘watermelon’ have given Barry Plant a vibrant and fresh new life. The introduction of the strapline ‘Opening Doors since 1979’ connect the business with their core objective of being a purpose-led agency and creates a feeling of intrigue.