Cater Care

How do you market a national company with a 24/7 offer?
You make them accountable for what they do every hour of every day.

Cater Care approached Watts Design to developed a brand that reinforced the 24/7 nature of the Cater Care business and make the brand relevant to diverse markets. The concept of 24/7 was the catalyst for the visual and verbal strategy we developed which revolves around the company offering and how it is relevant to the varying customers and their needs. The branding development extending into, signage, uniforms, online and printed media. As a major part of the branding, we were tasked with extending their story to their website. It was a challenge, as the company’s diverse range of services includes catering, accommodation, facility management and much more. Our creative solution was to visually demonstrate exactly what goes on in a company of this scale and how quality service is consistently provided to its clients. The use of real-life moving imagery on the site, with rotating stories every hour, sets Cater Care apart from its competitors, bringing the reality of daily service to life and puts the company ahead of the game.

The brand has had a high level of acceptance amongst stakeholders, now being seen as a big player. In a difficult marker, the business has grown.

What We Did

Branding Identity
Brand Story
Brand Guidelines
Print Design
Uniform Design
Web Design
Web Construction