HSK Ward Group

How do you bring two commercial entities into a single overarching brand that meets the needs of a competitive and rapidly changing environment? By taking a fresh approach while drawing from the heritage of six generations to connect with customers 

HSK Ward Group have been an essential link between growers and their customers’ kitchens since 1852, as industry leaders revolutionising the field to plate journey. We developed an identity that links HSK Ward Group’s commercial entities under a single brand, encapsulating a common vision for the B2B and B2C businesses that engages both internal and external customers and employees can feel proud to work for.

We took a fresh and contemporary design approach to represent nourishment and the quality food products they source from growers and producers around the world, while retaining a sense of nostalgia to reflect the business’ heritage as family-owned and nourishing communities for six generations.

What We Did

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