Mood Furniture

We were approached by a concept furniture maker who needed a name and image. Starting from scratch, we came up with the name ‘Mood’ – a word that encapsulates his organic approach to his craft, the way he works with his hands and the interaction he has with his clients. The branding has a strong synergy with the client’s creations; his furniture pieces invoke a strong mood themselves within an environmental setting. The brand visuals emulate the striking appearance of his unique pieces with a raw modern edge while retaining the natural elements.

Custom typeface
The concept behind the logo was to trick the mind into reading one thing while seeing another. When you read the word ‘mood’ you see the word ‘wood’ – your brain starts to invoke the raw texture and feeling of natural wood and the nostalgic feelings associated with it. To make sure our concept worked, we designed a custom typeface called Logbook for our client. Designing a font is a dream and a challenge for any designer due to the incredible amount of detail needed to make the font unique and work in every letter combination.

Designed to match the striking brand, the Mood Furniture website is simple yet stylish. This uncluttered approach provides clear information and continues the ‘mood’ attribute throughout the site. We developed a responsive one-page site using the latest coding standards and featuring subtle animation, sound and defined sections with engaging visuals.

Catalog Book
The Catalog Book was a way of expressing the organic nature of our client’s designs and how they came about. Simple imagery and clean text relate the full story behind each Mood piece and reflect the approach taken when the furniture is created.

What We Did

Name development
Branding identity
Custom typeface
Web design
Web development