Oomph & Floss

How to brand a new toddler clothing range with a difference?
By developing a brand which captures the wild imagination & sense of adventure in children.

New to the market is Oomph & Floss, a great new clothing range for toddlers that promotes fun, fantasy and individualism. For this branding project we took our inspiration from the idea that small children are in their own worlds at this age, absorbed in imaginary play. Time doesn’t exist and there are no boundaries- They are superheroes and princesses – a broom becomes a sword and a pet dog will transport them to foreign lands. Elements of this project included story development, branding identity and overall look and feel. The branding rollout included a campaign to demonstrate the core of the Oomph & Floss branding story.

What We Did

Branding Identity
Brand Story
Campaign Language
Print Design