Yarraville Community Centre

How do you bring a community centre to life?
By creating an identity that’s a bit left of centre.

When a community rallies to keep a part of its local history alive, how can it not be inspirational? When we were asked to rebrand the Yarraville Community Centre before it opened its doors once again, we set about ensuring the identity process was as inclusive of the locals’ input as possible, representing the many facets of YCC in a cohesive way. Community focus was the catalyst for the new YCC brand identity. We created a flexible brand with a raw, naive approach, developing a free form style of illustration and logo, to create an overall sense of energy, approachability and diversity. We also designed and developed a website with customised course booking systems to optimise user experience.

The rebrand has been embraced by the community, resulting in an overwhelming growth of course enrolments and use of the centre.

What We Did

Branding Identity
Publication Design
Web Design
Web Construction
Digital Marketing
Art Direction