How do you switch off in a world of limitless stimuli? By designing a range of products to restore balance.

What we did

  • Advertising
  • App Design
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strapline & Story
  • Branding Identity
  • Campaign Language
  • Collateral
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Videography

Hiatus are dedicated to creating purposeful pauses and screen sabbaticals. They have designed a range of products as a gentle reminder to carve out an intentional interlude in your day. Just like their incense holders, the branding and packaging we designed for them is anchored in balance. Starting with the name, the word Hiatus is representative of switching off to restore balance.

We wanted the branding and packaging to evoke luxury and sophistication while having a sense of calm. Through the use of textural metallics and a soft, yet warm, blue we have created a simple and contemporary design that will stand the test of time.