How to you rebrand an interior design company to appeal to a wider range of clients? With strength and confidence. 

KHID is an interior design studio offering full design consultancy services for a wide range of sectors, including commercial, government, education, hospitality and retail. They are excited by design that is intuitive. They delve deeper. We designed a brand that captures the essence of what KHID had to offer with strength and confidence. The logo is bold and represents the coming together of all the right elements to tailor the perfect interior. The strapline ‘Intuitive Interiors’ was developed to illustrate KHID’s core purpose. To create interiors that fit like a hand-tailored glove to carry and support you into the future.

Instead of reading their name as K-H-I-D, we suggested reading it as KHID as it was much more memorable. We also gave them a bold green colour and campaign language that would become synonymous with their brand.

What We Did

Branding Identity
Brand Story
Campaign Language
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