Nalia Cosmetics

How do you design a skin care range inspired by the natural beauty of the earth and powered by self-love? By taking inspiration from crystals to create a glowing, radiant brand that’s unapologetically centred on you.

Nalia is all about reigniting a love of me-time so you can be soothed and shimmery every day. Nalia’s founder has poured a lot of positive energy into perfecting her skin care range using Australian native ingredients, so we wanted to capture the restorative power of nature’s elements through the brand and packaging design. We have developed a unique packaging range that reflects the radiance of crystals through a bold matte finish and accents of gloss varnish. In addition to this, we created a fresh brand language to bring out the character of the brand and have rolled out to various campaigns, photography and digital designs.

What We Did

Brand Story
Branding Identity
Packaging Design
Art Direction
Web Design